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Wednesday 27 November 2013
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Establishing a process and a platform to support standardization for nanotechnologies implementing the STAIR approach

Standardization is one of the most adequate solutions to quickly capitalize and disseminate knowledge in "reference documents", and have it implemented in the industry. It is very important in the field of nanotechnologies since the production of knowledge is very intensive. The overall objective of nanoSTAIR project is to build a sustainable process and platform in the field of nanotechnologies to support the transfer of knowledge gained through research to documentary standards in the context of the STAIR approach promoted by CEN-CENELEC.

nanoSTAIR platform
The most important outcomes of the project are the nanoSTAIR platform that will bring together the best experts to launch standardization work item proposals and the nanoSTAIR process to develop new work item proposal.

The nanoSTAIR platform will be a place to find information, a place to find and meet potential partners, a place to find support

The nanoSTAIR platform which is a virtual table where all stakeholders will have the opportunity to share common needs and solutions regarding new documentary standards.

The nanoSTAIR platform will in particular bridge the research community and the standardization community.

nanoSTAIR services
The project nanoSTAIR developed a method to guide researchers in the standardisation process. NanoSTAIR offers the following support:

  • the nanoSTAIR check: a support to inform a standardization strategy. This includes the identification of standards relevant for your research, contact the researcher with the standardization committees relevant for their work and the preparation of inputs to standardization and have research results implemented;
  • the nanoSTAIR seminar: a seminar to inform the researchers or authorities about the standardization process, committees and the support offered by nanoSTAIR.

Please email nanoSTAIR for any questions related to standardization in the field of nanotechnology.

Project Partners:

1. European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management, EU-VRi, Germany
2. Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques, INERIS, France
3. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH, Finland
4. FUNDACIÓN Tecnalia RESEARCH & INNOVATION, Tecnalia, Spain
5. Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, Netherlands
6. Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH, R-Tech, Germany
7. Deutsches Institut für Normung, DIN, Germany
8. European Committee for Standardization, CEN, Belgium

Please note that you can join the nanoSTAIR platform today. For this and other information please follow the link.

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