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Wednesday 01 August 2012
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What is SPIRE?
A proposal for a European Private Public Partnership (PPP) dedicated to innovation in resource and energy efficiency in and enabled by the process industries

Its objective
To develop the enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain, required to reach long term sustainability for Europe in terms of global competitiveness, ecology and employment.

Industry's response to real, tangible and urgent needs
SPIRE is addressing three fundamental European challenges:

  • Urgency to create growth and increase the competitiveness of Europe in a global market, need to rejuvenate the European process industry that is at the basis of the European economy in terms of turnover, employment and generation of technologies for all
  • industrial sectors
  • imperative to reduce resource and energy inefficiency and the environmental impact of industrial activities

Strong industry engagement, large participation, commitment across sectors and boundaries
No fewer than 10 industry sectors have contributed to the development of SPIRE, via European Technology Platforms and Industry Associations. Sectors such as steel, chemicals, minerals, water, non-ferrous metals, glass, representing big and small companies, have joined forces and set up common aspirations for innovations in resource and energy efficiency in their sectors and beyond. Through purposeful cooperation, SPIRE will develop into a practical roadmap, to help ensure that EU innovation projects address the right needs and achieve optimal impact from 2014 to 2020.

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